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Design principle that reuses colors, graphics, or text.
a) Contrast
b) Alignment
c) Relief
d) Repetition

Provides additional detail about the spread. Usually located above the story.
a) Subhead
b) Feature story
c) Graphics
d) Repetition

Usually located above the story, this grabs attention and provides the reader an idea of what the story will be about.
a) Center of visual interest
b) Headline
c) Focal point
d) Title

Smaller photos arranged around the dominant photo or dominant element.
a) Primary photos
b) Secondary photos
c) Supporting photos
d) None of the above

2-3 times larger than any other element on the page. Attention grabber.
a) Attention grabber
b) Theme builder
c) Banner
d) Dominant element

A vertical line where two page meet on a spread. Where the book folds.
a) Gutter
b) Eyeline
c) Borderline
d) Column grid

Series of guides to help the designer ensure appropriate alignment and spacing.
a) Eyeline
b) Column grids
c) Gutter
d) Page border

What best describes the student life section?
a) Part of the book that tell stories about what happens at school.
b) Part of the book that tells stories about people. Often covers things outside of school.
c) Part of the book focusing on sports.
d) Part of the book focusing on academics.

Which term best describes copy?
a) Something the teacher gives you to work on.
b) To write answers from another student's paper.
c) Headlines
d) Refers to text of all types.

Which answer best describes alignment?
a) Making sure everything lines up across the eyeline.
b) Scattering elements to encourage eye movement.
c) Design element based upon the way elements arranged on the page.
d) A trick to make people want to read.

What best describes a folio?
a) A place for the owner to write his/her name.
b) A graphic near the bottom or top of the page that reinforces the theme and usually includes the page number.
c) The book number.
d) The number of pages in the book.

What best describes a yearbook theme?
a) The way the book is designed.
b) The style of writing used.
c) The number of photos included.
d) A unifying concept that unites the book's contents.

Design principle that focuses on how close different elements are to one another.
a) Proximity
b) Repetition
c) Sidebar
d) Folio

Design principle that stresses using different sizes, shapes, and colors.
a) Repetition
b) Alignment
c) Proximity
d) Contrast

Short story or package related to main story on a spread.
a) Sidecar
b) Sidebar
c) Side salad
d) Secondary story

Style of writing that is most often used in a yearbook.
a) News
b) Feature
c) Sports
d) Opinion

Planning tool that maps out what content is on each page.
a) Graphic organizer
b) Outline
c) Cheat sheet
d) Ladder

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