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What is a crop grown for the purpose of selling it (tabacco, rice, sugar cane, cotton)?
a) Plantation
b) Cash Crop
c) Share cropping
d) Farming

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina are all...
a) Middle Colonies
b) New England Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) New Colonies

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are all...
a) Middle Colonies
b) New England Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) New Colonies

Whis is NOT a Middle Colony?
a) New York
b) Delaware
c) New Jersey
d) Rhode Island

Which is NOT a Southern Colony?
a) Maryland
b) Virginia
c) Pennsylvania
d) North Carolina

What is a worker under contract to an employer for a fixed period of time (3 to 7 years)?
a) Slave
b) Worker
c) Indentured Servant
d) Plantation worker

Who was the founder of James Oglethorpe?
a) William Penn
b) William Bradford
c) Christropher Columbus
d) James Oglethorpe

Which document was the 1st written constitution of the Americas?
a) Magna Carta
b) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
c) Mayflower Compact
d) United States Constitution

Which document limited the power of absolute monarch and expanded the rights of individual?
a) Magna Carta
b) House of Burgesses
c) English Bill of Rights
d) Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

Which document set up a social contract for Purtians of th Plymouth?
a) House of Burgesses
b) English Bill of Rights
c) Magna Carta
d) Mayflower Compact

Who was banished from Massachusetts for religious views?
a) Christropher Columbus
b) William Penn
c) Anne Hutchison
d) William Bradford

Who founded Rhode Island
a) Roger Williams
b) William Bradford
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Thomas Hooker

What year was America discovered?
a) 1492
b) 1215
c) 1607
d) 1620

Who was the founder of Connecticut?
a) William Penn
b) Thomas Hooker
c) William Bradford
d) Roger Williams

What year was the Magna Carta written?
a) 1492
b) 1607
c) 1215
d) 1620

What year was Jamestown founded?
a) 1620
b) 1492
c) 1215
d) 1607

The journey of enslaved persons from Africa to America is called...
a) Southern Passage
b) Northwest Passage
c) Eastern Passage
d) Middle Passage

What is a series of religious revivals among Protestants in the American Colonies from 1725 to 1770?
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Triangular Trade
c) Indentured Servant
d) Great Awakening

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