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By default, you get a __________ count-in when recording.
a) four-beat
b) eight-beat
c) one-beat
d) two-beat

The default buffer size in the audio production software is
a) 44.1 samples
b) 48 samples
c) 128 samples
d) 256 samples

Typical sample rates in music production are
a) 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
b) 128 kHz and 256 kHz
c) 16 kHz and 24 kHz
d) 0 kHz and 2 kHz

What is the shortcut to delete all unused audio files?
a) U
b) Shift-U
c) Control-U
d) Option-U

What is the shortcut for the browsers button?
a) A
b) B
c) R
d) F

Shows all the audio files and audio regions that have been imported or recorded into your project.
a) Project Audio Browser
b) Mixer
c) Inspector
d) Editor

Contains timestamps; recommended by the Audio Engineering Society for recording for most applications
b) WAVE or BWF
c) CAF
d) MP3

Practically unlimited in file size so it can be used for large audio files
b) WAVE or BWF
c) CAF
d) MP3

What is the shortcut to record in the audio production software?
a) R
b) Shift-R
c) Control-J
d) J

What menu do you click on to change the count-in?
a) File
b) Edit
c) Record
d) Track

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