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What is the shortcut for the Autopunch button?
a) Command-P
b) Control-P
c) Option-P
d) Command-Control-Option-P

The autopunch area should include
a) the area you want to fix
b) the into
c) the chorus
d) the area that is perfect

When using the Autopunch button, what button do you have to press to actually record?
a) Spacebar
b) Record Toggle
c) Record
d) Period

The time you have to prepare yourself before the recording begins
a) Metronome
b) Count-in
c) Intro
d) Latency

A component that produces a sound concurrent with the beat
a) Count-in
b) Metronome
c) Loop
d) Latency

The amount of data that the computer buffers at one time when working with audio.
a) Sample rate
b) Bit depth
c) I/O buffer size
d) Latency

The delay (for example - playing your keyboard and actually hearing the sound)
a) Sample rate
b) bit depth
c) I/O buffer size
d) Latency

Larger buffers __________ latency.
a) decrease
b) increase
c) do not change
d) help

Which of the following is NOT a file format that the audio production software we are using can record in?
c) MP3
d) CAF

A cross-platform file format supported by a large number of digital video and audio editing applications.
c) MP3
d) CAF

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