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Created when you record several takes and combine the best parts of each take
a) Comp
b) Clip
c) Project
d) File

All takes are placed in
a) the Inspector
b) a take folder
c) the mixer
d) the track header

Allows you to repeatedly record a single section, thereby creating a new take for each pass of the cycle.
a) Autopunching
b) Punching on the fly
c) Recording takes
d) Recording in cycle mode

You can record multiple tracks at once. If you do, each instrument is on
a) a separate track
b) the same track
c) no track
d) the workspace

A technique that allows you to interrupt playback and record audio as the project is playing. Allows to fix smaller mistakes in a recording while still listening to the continuity of the performance.
a) Recording in cycle mode
b) Punch In, Punch Out
c) Record Enable
d) Record Takes

What are the two punching methods?
a) Punching on the fly and Autopunch
b) Autopunch and Recording in cycle mode
c) Recording in cycle mode and Punching on the fly
d) Control J and Punching on the fly

To punch on the fly, you use the
a) Record Buton
b) Record Toggle Button
c) Metronome Button
d) Count-in Button

What is the shortcut used to Record Toggle in the audio production software?
a) R
b) Control-R
c) Control-J
d) J

When punching in and out, a comp is created that combines the original recording up to the punch-in point, the ___________ between the punch-in and punch-out points, and the original recording after the punch-out point.
a) original
b) new take
c) comp
d) clip

What color is the autopunch area?
a) yellow
b) blue
c) red
d) green

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