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The dying bodies are compared to dying fish in a boat. What type of figurative language is this?
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) personification

What people attacked the suitors?
a) Eurylochus and Zeus
b) the cow herder and the pig herder
c) Odysseus, Telemachus, the swine herder and the cow herder

Who do the suitors try to blame for living in the castle and eating all of Odysseus' food?
a) Antinous
b) Zeus
c) Pegasaus

Who does Odysseus kill first?
a) Antinous
b) Polyphemus
c) Posideon

Who is the wiliest fighter?
a) telemachus
b) Odysseus
c) Odysseus' wife

Who is the meanest suitor?
a) Antinous
b) Eumaneus
c) Eurymachus

Who many years did Penelope weave and unweave the tapestry?
a) 5
b) 3
c) 10

What are Penelope's feelings toward the suitors?
a) she loves them
b) she hates them
c) she enjoys having them around

How many ax handles do the men need to shoot through?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 12

What prediction does the beggar make when he is talking to Penelope?
a) That everyone is going to die
b) That Odysseus will soon return
c) That Telemachus is really on the side of the suitors

Who sends down a sign to Odysseus?
a) Zeus
b) Apollo
c) Circe

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