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A good title for chapter 10 could be
a) A Wonderful Meal.
b) Magic.
c) A Sleepless Night.
d) Turtle Eggs.

Which statement about Hatchet contains a cause-effect relationship?
a) Brian's throat tried to throw the egg back up. His whole body seemed to convulse with it.
b) Uncle Carter was Brian's father's brother. He put an egg in a glass of mild and drank it in the morning.
c) A water animal came up to the sand. The animal was a turtle.
d) The turtle laid eggs in the sand. Brian now has food.

The turtle eggs looked
a) white and round like ping pong balls.
b) blue and oval like robin eggs.
c) brown and oval like chicken eggs.
d) green and spotted like moldy cheese.

Brian ate
a) half the eggs.
b) all seventeen eggs.
c) only one egg.
d) six eggs and saved the rest.

A good title for chapter 9 could be
a) The Airplane.
b) The Huge Bird.
c) The Wonders of Fire.
d) The Wolf in the Forest.

Watching Uncle Carter eat _______ made Brian feel queasy.
a) worms dipped in ketchup
b) live grasshoppers
c) chocolate-covered ants
d) a raw egg with his milk

How did Brian know the animal that came up in the sand was a turtle?
a) Brian had seen a television show about sea turtles.
b) Brian had read a book in science class about sea turtles.
c) Brian had seen sea turtles when he visited the aquarium.
d) Brian had seen sea turtles on a vacation to the coast.

Brian called himself
a) a genius.
b) a pioneer.
c) an adventurer.
d) a city boy.

The best thing about having the night visitor was Brian
a) knew he could have soup.
b) now had food.
c) remembered how to make a hammock.

________ was making the noise that awakened Brian.
a) A turtle
b) A bear
c) A moose
d) An airplane flying overhead

Brian was lucky a sound woke him because
a) his fire was about to go out.
b) he was about to get wet from the rain.
c) a deer was getting into his raspberries.
d) his jacket was blowing away.

Building the fire took Brian
a) only a few minutes to build after he learned the hatchet made sparks on the flint stone.
b) several days of hard work to build.
c) a large part of the day to get started trying different kinds of kindling.
d) a few hours using only grass and twigs as kindling.

Which of the following was NOT a reason Brian wanted a fire?
a) The fire would keep away animals like the porcupine.
b) The smoke from the fire kept the mosquitoes away.
c) Brian could heat his raspberries on the fire.
d) Brian could build a signal fire.

Brian tried lighting many items. Finally, he was able to make a fire by igniting
a) grass and twigs.
b) the twenty dollar bill in his pocket.
c) birch bark peelings.
d) dry leaves.

Brian discovered that he also needed ______ to get the fire going.
a) oil
b) air
c) pinecones
d) grass

From which point of view is Hatchet written?
a) first-The writer uses pronouns such as I, me, or my.
b) second-The narrator tells the story using the pronoun you.
c) third-The story is told using pronouns such as he, she, or it.

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