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What was the name of the first Puritan leader?
a) John Wintrop
b) Mrs. Crider
c) Thomas Hooker
d) Roger Williams

When the Puritans started their colony of Massachusetts, they all signed this document, A SPECIAL PROMISE OR AGREEMENT, that all colonists would follow the colonists would follow the same rules, such as all colonists had to be Puritans
a) horn book
b) constitution
c) covenant
d) debtor

This person fled Massachusetts colony because he thought that people should be able to practice their own religious beliefs. He started the colony of Rhode Island.
a) General Oglethorpe
b) Mrs. Eaton
c) THomas Hooker
d) Roger Williams

Colonial Students learned to read using this.
a) horn book
b) iPad
c) covenant
d) constitution

He founded the colony of Connecticut because he believed that each church should choose its own leaders
a) Mr. Zalasky
b) Thomas Hooker
c) John Winthrop
d) Roger Williams

This Middle Colony was started by a Quaker, was planned to be a place of peace. he treated the Lenni Lenape fairly, but his sons did not.
a) Pennsylvania
b) Delaware
c) New York
d) New Jersey

What was the name of the Quaker who was given a charter by the kind to start the colony of Pennsylvania.
a) Roger Williams
b) Miss Holley
c) William Penn
d) John Winthrop

Was the name of the first settlement in Pennsylvania? It's name means Brotherly Love.
a) Philadelphia
b) Hamburg
c) Harrisburg
d) Pittsburgh

What is the name of a person who owes money
a) ower
b) bank's worst enemy
c) horn book
d) debtor

What is the name of the Southern Colony that was established to protect the other English colonies from the Spanish Colonies in Florida and French to the West?
a) Georgia
b) North Carolina
c) South Carolina
d) Virginia

This man started the colony of Georgia to help debtors in English prisons?
a) William Penn
b) Roger Williams
c) General Oglethorpe
d) Thomas Hooker

This plant, grown in the Southern Colonies, created a blue dye.
a) indigo
b) corn
c) hay
d) brussel sprouts

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