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When we observe, we use...
a) The 5 senses
b) Data
c) Inferences
d) Research

An inference is based on what two things?
a) Touch and taste
b) Sight and sound
c) Data and records
d) Observations and prior knowledge

We use inferences, observations, and research to develop a...
a) Method
b) Hypothesis
c) Conclusion
d) Model

What is a hypothesis?
a) The result of experiments
b) A series of observations
c) A proposed explanation
d) A sure conclusion

Which of the following is NOT one of your 5 senses?
a) Dreaming
b) Touching
c) Tasting
d) Smelling

Which is an example of a model?
a) A painting of clouds
b) A dry erase board
c) A pencil sharpener
d) The globe

A quantitative observation uses...
a) Words
b) Pictures
c) Numbers
d) Symbols

A qualitative observation uses...
a) Numbers
b) Measurements
c) Words
d) Scales

Which of the following is an observation?
a) I will probably need to wear a coat today
b) The dog's collar is red
c) The cat is probably hungry
d) I think that flower will die soon

Which of the following is an observation?
a) The plant has roots
b) The plant grew from a seed
c) The plant uses water
d) The plant has leaves

Which of the following is an inference?
a) The players are in 6th grade
b) People are watching the game
c) There are five players on a team
d) The game is played outdoors

Which is the FIRST step of the scientific method
a) Question
b) Hypothesis
c) Conclusion
d) Experiment

A hypothesis is usually...
a) Wrong
b) Hard to understand
c) Written using big words
d) An if-then statement

What do we call the factors that change in an experiment?
a) Data
b) Variables
c) Events
d) Inferences

What do we call the variable that YOU change?
a) Result
b) Problem
c) Independent
d) Dependent

What do we call the variable that changes in RESPONSE?
a) Dependent
b) Test
c) Independent
d) Conclusion

Data are gathered through...
a) Tests or experiments
b) Inferences
c) Variables
d) Hypotheses

What step in the scientific method allows us to accept or reject the hypothesis?
a) Research
b) Communicate
c) Conclusion
d) Pose a question

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