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How did the universe begin?
a) The Big Bang
b) The Big Crunch
c) From the death of another universe
d) From the death of a star

What is the age of the universe?
a) 13.8 billion years old
b) 13.8 million years old
c) 4.6 billion years old
d) 4.6 million years old

What force led to the formation of everything that we see in the universe?
a) gravity
b) dark energy
c) dark matter
d) kinetic energy

What is the speed of light?
a) 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second
b) 186,000 miles per hour or 300,000 kilometers per hour
c) 700 miles per second
d) none of the answers are correct

What is a light year?
a) distance light travels in one year
b) distance sound travels in a second
c) distance light travels in one second
d) distance sound travels in a year

In miles how far does light travel in one year?
a) 6 trillion miles
b) 6 billion miles
c) 6 million miles
d) 6 miles

In kilometers, how far does light travel in one year?
a) 9 trillion kilometers
b) 9 billion kilometers
c) 9 million kilometers
d) 9 kilometers

How many constellations are there?
a) 88
b) 8
c) 8000
d) 8888

Which of the following is a winter time constellation?
a) Orion
b) Leo
c) Scorpius
d) Ursa Major

Which of the following is a zodiacal constellation?
a) Taurus
b) Orion
c) Ursa Major
d) Draco

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