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What does it mean when nature 'selects against' a species?
a) They die.
b) They survive and reproduce.
c) They survive and are infertile so they cannot reproduce.
d) They will remain unaffected.

A species that disappears permanently is said to be ___________________.
a) evolved
b) changed
c) extinct
d) endangered

What evidence suggests that the ancestors of whales once walked on land?
a) whales have a vestigial leg structure.
b) whales swim with a walking motion.
c) whales often times crawl onto land.
d) whales have legs, they're just so little they are hard to see.

a) are always harmful.
b) are always beneficial.
c) never have an effect.
d) can be harmful, helpful, or have no effect.

In the struggle for survival, the ___________ win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their ________________.
a) fittest; environment
b) fittest; families
c) strongest; environment
d) smartest; environment

Traits, like curly hair and brown eyes, are determined by ________.
a) magic
b) my mom
c) genes
d) environment

The process of CHANGE over TIME is called...
a) inheritance
b) evolution
c) growth and development
d) mutation

Who is known as the father of the theory of evolution by natural selection?
a) Charles Mendeleev
b) Charles Dickens
c) Charles Darwin
d) Charles Linnaeus

Changes in an organism's DNA is called a(n)...
a) mutation
b) morphism
c) mistake
d) hypothesis

The solidified remains or imprints of once living organisms are...
a) DNA
b) rocks
c) species
d) fossils

A characteristic that helps an organisms survive and reproduce in its environment is a(n)...
a) trait
b) myth
c) adaptation
d) homologous structure

The remnant of a once useful structure is a _______________ structure.
a) homologous
b) vestigial
c) analogous
d) common

When humans choose which genes get passed onto the next generation, often done with dogs, is called...
a) natural selection
b) artificial selection
c) variation
d) vestigial selection

Organisms with favorable traits survive long enough to reproduce are... (Survival or the Fittest)
a) natural selection
b) mutation
c) artificial selection
d) adaptation

A group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring are...
a) adaptations
b) species
c) animals
d) herds

Dogs evolved from what animal?
a) cats
b) wolves
c) coyotes
d) bears

A branching tree is a
a) diagram showing how scientists think different groups of organisms are related.
b) species of tree that is not closely related to other tree species.
c) a drawing that shows where different animals live in a tree.
d) a homologous structure that many plants have.

Why do scientists think related species have similar body structures and development patterns?
a) The species inherited ALL the same genes from a common ancestor.
b) The species inherited MANY of the same genes from a common ancestor.
c) The species inherited NONE of the same genes from a common ancestor.
d) The species look the same but do not actually have a common ancestor.

Which term refers to SIMILAR STRUCTURES that related species have inherited from a common ancestor?
a) DNA sequences
b) developmental organisms
c) homologous structures
d) vestigial structures

What did Darwin observe about finches in the Galapagos Islands?
a) Their feathers were adapted to match their environment.
b) They had the exact same genetics on every island
c) Their beaks were adapted to match the foods they ate.
d) Their beaks were the exact same on every island.

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