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Who were the three democrats that wanted transform Georgia's economy from agriculture to an industrialized economy but wanted to keep the old traditions of white supremacy in the South?
a) Populists
b) Bourbon Triplets
c) Bourbon Triumvirate
d) People's Party

What was the impact of the International Cotton Exposition?
a) made Atlanta a major city
b) brought more cotton to the Atlanta area
c) showcased the railroads
d) it was the first fair with a ferris wheel

What was NOT an impact of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot?
a) African Americans were attacking whites
b) led to more economic division between the African American elite society and the lower economic class.
c) led to deeper segregation in the city
d) caused unwanted negative attention for the South

What was the name of the court case that allowed for separate but equal facilities?
a) Worcester v Georgia
b) Leo Frank case
c) Dred Scott case
d) Plessy v Ferguson

Which was NOT a way that blacks were disenfranchised?
a) Jim Crow laws
b) racial violence
c) blacks were not disenfranchised
d) poll tax

What was Tom Watson's impact on Georgia?
a) He started the New South movement.
b) He helped in the Plessy v Ferguson case.
c) He helped to launch a trial program in rural free delivery of mail.
d) He was the leader during the Atlanta Race Riot.

What was the name of the former slave that became the wealthiest African American during this time period?
a) John Hope
b) Tom Watson
c) W.E.B. DuBois
d) Alonzo Herndon

Who was a black educator who was also a civil rights activitist?
a) John Hope
b) Rebecca Latimer Felton
c) Henry Grady
d) Alonzo Herndon

Who helped create the NAACP?
a) Booker T. Washington
b) WEB DuBois
c) Alonzo Herndon
d) John Hope

Who promoted the idea: the best approach for African-Americans to gain a foothold in white society was through hard work, education, and economic accomplishments, before gaining full civil rights?
a) Booker T. Washington
b) WEB DuBois
c) John Hope
d) Alonzo Herndon

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