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Does Penelope know that the beggar is Odysseus?
a) no
b) yes

During the 4th year of making the shroud, what happens?
a) Penelope's maids tell the suitors exactly what she is doing
b) she finishes the shroud
c) she decides not to make it because she does not like the person who died

How does Penelope first staff the men from marriage?
a) she kills them
b) she tells them she needs to make a death shroud, but she weaves during the day and unweaves at night
c) she tells them she's a virgin

How long does she work on the death shroud?
a) 3 months
b) 3 years
c) 7 years

What are the suitors doing in the castle?
a) eating all of Odysseus' food and he has to beg for it
b) killing Odysseus' family
c) selling his cattle

What challenge does Penelope give all of the men?
a) weave her a basket
b) kill a beggar
c) String Odysseus' bow and shoot an arrow through 12 ax handles

What does Odysseus tell Penelope during his first visit with her?
a) He makes up a story about his life and tells her that he has met Odysseus and he will be coming home soon.
b) He tells her he has met Odysseus and he is living with Calypso
c) that he doesn't love her

What does Penelope tell Eumaeus to do?
a) kill a calf for dinner
b) bring him the beggar, who is really Odysseus, although she doesn't know it
c) kill the suitors out of the castle

What is Antinous like?
a) a nice, pleasant man
b) cruel, greedy, hypocritical
c) Thin, untrusting

What is the plan that Odysseus tells Telemachus?
a) Telemachus is supposed to act normal, Odysseus is going to go into the castle as a beggar, and son will steal all the weapons
b) set fire to the castle after they get the cattle out
c) tell Penelope that Odysseus is home, and kill all of the men as they try to fight

What weapons is Telemachus supposed to save for his father and him?
a) 2 spears, 2 swords, 2 shields
b) 3 spears, 3 swords, 3 shields
c) 2 guns, 3 horses, 2 spears

Who confronts Odysseus inside the castle?
a) Zeus
b) Antinous
c) Amberelous

Who doesn't Penelope like?
a) Odysseus
b) Eumaneus
c) the suitors, especially Antinous

Who is the leader of the Suitors?
a) Antinous
b) Eumaneus
c) Zeus

Who wins Penelope's challenge
a) Odysseus
b) Antinous
c) Eumaneus

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