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What did Europe build to make life better for the Africans?
a) schools and hospitals
b) stadiums
c) airports
d) ships

What did Europeans build to help Africans travel better?
a) Runways
b) schools
c) roads
d) planes

What did missionaries do?
a) Spread new religion
b) spread new language
c) make African people healthy
d) make African people smarter

How did Europe create conflict after splitting up land?
a) new borders split up ethnic and religious groups
b) Africans didn't want to be Christians
c) Africans wanted to keep their resources
d) Europeans made them slaves again

What country was not colonized?
a) Congo
b) South Africa
c) Ethiopia
d) Brazil

Why was Europe still interested in Africa after slave trade ended?
a) timber only
b) palm oil only
c) animal fur only
d) palm oil, timber,and animal fur

What did the Africans do to help Europe and should have been rewarded for it?
a) helped fight in the world wars
b) worked for free
c) changed religions
d) chopped down timber

What 2 countries colonized the most land?
a) GB and France
b) GB and Spain
c) Portugal and France
d) Italy and GB

What is the name of the group that helped get Africa Independence?
a) Berlin Group
b) Pan Africa Congresss
c) Amistad Congress
d) European Congress

What year was most of Africa colonized by Europe?
a) 1914
b) 1924
c) 1880
d) 1960

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