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Who created the name "cell" for the rows of empty boxes he observed through the microscope?
a) Robert Hooke
b) Anton Leuwenhoek
c) Robert Perry
d) Georges Seurat

Where did the plant cells come from that we observed in class?
a) onion
b) fish scale
c) grits
d) table salt

When you heat a substance to kill bacteria, the process is called...
a) pasteurization.
b) stabilization.
c) purification.
d) rationalization.

Binary fission is when two cells...
a) separate into two new cells.
b) combine to make a giant cell.
c) cannibalize one another.
d) evaporate.

What microbe from our lab lives in a colony?
a) volvox
b) blepharisma
c) vinegar eels
d) onion

Which plant cells that we observed look like stacked bricks in a wall?
a) onion
b) Epsom salts
c) poppy seeds
d) volvox

Which cells that we observed look like roundworms?
a) vinegar eels
b) blepharisma
c) fish scales
d) volvox

Which animal cells that we observed are long and pear shaped?
a) blepharisma
b) vinegar eels
c) fish scales
d) human hair

Which cells that we observed are sphere shaped and have daughter colonies inside them?
a) volvox
b) blepharisma
c) poppy seeds
d) onions

All of the following that we observed are animal cells except...
a) onions.
b) blepharisma.
c) microbes.
d) vinegar eels.

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