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The movement that started during the Renaissance?
a) humanism
b) christianity
c) democracy
d) anti-establishment

The belief in human potential and human achievement?
a) Renaisance
b) humansim
c) christianity
d) Magna Carta

What best describes the impact of the printing press?
a) It was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in order to control the flow of ideas and information
b) It spread learning quickly because it was cheap and easy to print books
c) It stopped the spread of knowledge because only a few people could afford to buy books
d) It increased the number of ideas in the world because it allowed for inventors to write down their ideas

What two themes are present in Renaissance art?
a) Christianity and Individualism
b) Rights of Indivdiual and Humanism
c) Humanism and Christianity
d) Humanism and democracy

Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Michelangelo
c) Raphael
d) Johannes Gutenberg

How did the Medici family spread the ideas of the Renaissance?
a) they were artists that demonstarted the ideas of humanism in their paintings and sculptors
b) they were peasant farmers who desired to be artists
c) they were bankers
d) they became patrons of the arts

Which best describes how the Middle Ages ended?
a) feudalism was weakened by the Black Plague, 100 years war, and the Crusades
b) feudalism was weakened when a new government was established
c) feudalism was stronger after nobles established the growth of nations
d) people wanted to celebrate and enjoy life

What are the classics?
a) knowledge
b) Greek ideas and Roman ideas
c) Ancient Greece and Rome
d) England and France

During the Renaissance people had a renewed interest in
a) farming
b) knowledge
c) money
d) feudalism

The city where the Renaissance began?
a) Venice Italy
b) London England
c) Paris France
d) Florence Italy

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