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Why was communism a negative effect of decolonization?
a) Corruption allowed for communism to turn into a dictatorship
b) It created a democracy in Cambodia
c) It brought peace to the land
d) It brought justice to the land

Why is Gandhi important to India's struggle for decolonization?
a) He was a spy
b) He led an army against the British
c) He led peaceful (nonviolent) protests against the British
d) He worked for the British

What two major bodies of water surround this region?
a) a. Mediteranean Sea and Pacific Ocean
b) b. Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
c) c. Ganges River and Indian Ocean
d) d. Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

What natural border protects India from the north?
a) Ganges river
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Himalayan Mountains
d) Appalachian Mountains

How does a monsoon benefit the region
a) Kills people
b) Helps crops and the economy
c) Prevents typhoons from approaching
d) Clears out cloudy skies

What does an underwater earthquake create for the land nearby?
a) A change in the ocean current
b) A new volcano
c) Severe earthquake damage
d) A severe Tsunami

What are two other names for a Typhoon?
a) Hurricane, Cyclone
b) Tsunami, Hurricane
c) Monsoon, Tsunami
d) Earthquake, Cyclone

Why did the Dutch traders colonize Indonesia (East Indies)?
a) Indonesia has fresh water
b) Indonesia has a lot of gras
c) Indonesia has many islands and is located along trading routes
d) Indonesia is very dry

What major river runs through India?
a) Yellow River
b) Nile River
c) Ganges River
d) Jordan River

Why was the Salt March important to the people of India?
a) Indians and British shared the salt
b) It created a communist country
c) They protested the unfair British taxes on the people of India
d) The people finally fought violently against the British

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