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If we don't protect our planet's biodiversity, we could lose...
a) Growing incredibly tall to get to the sunlight, and also learning to live without sunlight
b) Living almost entirely underground, and also using bright colors to attract pollinators
c) 'Climbing' up other plants to get to the sunlight, and also have very large leaves to get maximum sunlight

Sexual selection is the process of organisms choosing mates based on their attractive appearance. What is natural selection?
a) Organisms dying off that lack the ability to survive in their environment.
b) Organisms choosing mates based on totally random factors.
c) Humans choosing mates for organisms based on the traits they want to see in the next generation.

What is a 'selective pressure' on deer?
a) The coloring of some males that attracts females.
b) Wolves that hunt them.
c) The number of offspring that single female deer can produce.

What is 'differential reproduction'?
a) Individuals must compete with each other to live.
b) All species have the ability to produce many more offspring than can possibly survive.
c) Some inherited traits give individuals an advantage in surviving and reproducing. They survive and produce more offspring
d) Individuals do not all inherit the same traits.

Using pesticides or antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to
a) death of the host organism
b) evolution of the pesticide or antibiotic to become more effective
c) evolution of the pest or bacteria to become resistant to the treatment

A species 'evolves' when members gain new abilities based on...
a) random genetic mutations
b) attempts to change their behavior
c) living in a new environment

Organisms must adapt to their biomes to survive. What are adaptations that plants use to survive in the tropical rain forest?
a) The chance to breed an eagle and a lion together to create a super-predator.
b) Common agricultural animals like cows and sheep.
c) Plants that might be used as medicine.

Which of the following does NOT influence climate?
a) rain shadow
b) altitude
c) latitude
d) longitude

Human fingers and whale flippers have similar bones. These _____________ indicate that we have a common ancestor.
a) homologous structures
b) vestigial structures
c) fossils

One species can evolve into multiple species, if members of that species...
a) fight each other for dominance.
b) move to very different environments.
c) are reduced by pesticides or antibiotics.

What is climate?
a) The weather at the current moment.
b) The weather over a large area of land.
c) The weather of an area over a long period of time.

By protecting animal and plant habitats, we can prevent...
a) loss of biodiversity
b) evolution
c) artificial selection

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