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Air is about ___________ % nitrogen
a) 78
b) 75
c) 21
d) .03

The layers of the atmosphere next to the ground is the _______________
a) troposhpere
b) mesosphere
c) thermosphere
d) stratosphere

The layer of the atmosphere that extends into space is the ____________
a) stratosphere
b) troposhpere
c) mesosphere
d) thermosphere

As the amount of water vapor increases, the air\'s density _______
a) increases
d) decreases

____________ can result when an air mass rapidly cools, causing water vapor to ocondense
a) rain or snow
b) none of the answers is correct
c) a wave front
d) thunder

About _____% of the sunlight that reaches the top of the armosphere is absorbed by the Earth\'s surface
a) 75
b) 25
c) 50
d) 66

If the Earth consistently absorbed more energy from the sun than it radiated into space
a) there would be no noticable effect
d) the Earth would grow hotter and hotter

The sun heats the Earth unevenly because
a) Earth is a sphere and its orbit it elliptical
b) Earth is tilted on its axis
c) Earth has a solid core
d) All the answers are correct

Convection is caused by
a) warm air rising and cool air flowing in to replace it
b) changes in the wind
c) large flock of migrating birds
d) all of the answers are correct

The Coriolis Effect is the tendency for the path of a moving object to shift to the right in the Northern Hemesphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere
a) true
b) false

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