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An example of a prokaryote cell is?
a) Virus
b) Bacteria
c) Plasmids
d) Ribosomes

What's special about prokaryotic cell organelles
a) No membrane
b) They have membranes
c) They are outside the cell
d) Need sun to survive

DNA in prokaryotic cells:
a) Have lysosomes
b) Have similar motabolisms
c) Have no membrane to contain it
d) Have 2 set of chromatin

An example of a eukaryotic cell is
a) Bacteria
b) HIV
c) Virus
d) Fungi

Eukaryotic cells special characteristic about is's organelles are
a) They are bound by a membrane
b) They are not bound by a membrane
c) They are non-living
d) They function outside the cell

Which type of cell appeared first on earth?
a) Prokaryotic cells
b) Eukaryotic cells

The cell theory is one of the unifying themes of biology. Which of the following statements would be part of the
a) All life is made of cells.
b) Cells are the smallest units of life.
c) Cells come from preexisting cells
d) All of the above

The nucleus of a cell
a) is the region of the cell where ribosomes are degraded.
b) contains DNA and controls cell activities
c) is contained inside the nucleolus.
d) is surrounded by a single layer of membrane.

All cells
a) Have DNA
b) Both have Ribosomes
c) Both have cell membranes
d) all of the above

What grade will you get on the mid assessment
a) 100
b) 100
c) 100
d) 100

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