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In line 17, the narrator most likely uses the phrase “embalmed beef” to convey the idea that
a) the packers view the dead cows with some respect.
b) the meat is beef and not something else.
c) the beef has been long preserved, like a dead body.
d) the beef is safe to eat and not rotten.

What is ironic about the law banning the slaughter and canning of horse meat?
a) The horses are supposed to be used for fertilizer.
b) Many of the animals suffer under terrible conditions.
c) Packingtown complies with the law, for the time being.
d) Most canned meat does not match the label on the can.

Why was Jurgis impressed when he first inspected the packing plants?
a) The working conditions seemed relatively good.
b) The animal carcasses produced many different products.
c) The workers seemed proud of the industries they were involved in.
d) Many wonderful products were produced quickly and efficiently.

The narrator explains in lines 61–73 that, unlike the cheating that occurs with the products themselves,
a) the ingenuity that goes into making the products is impressive.
b) workers are paid a fair wage for the jobs they do.
c) consumers get genuine nutritional value from canned meats.
d) the suffering of the Packingtown workers is easily seen.

Jurgis’s friend tells him that “anybody who could invent a new imitation had been sure of a fortune from old Durham.” Readers can infer that this is because
a) imitation meats are cheaper than the real thing and allow the company to make bigger profits.
b) the company takes pride in making authentic-tasting products from surprising ingredients.
c) the company’s founder will be retiring soon and is looking for a clever young man to replace him.
d) there is a surplus of beef that the company wants to be able to sell as different kinds of meat.

The narrator says that the “hoisters...would have to stoop under a beam...which got them into the habit of stooping, so that in a few years they would be walking like chimpanzees.” The author most likely chose this imagery to
a) suggest that the hoisters behaved like animals.
b) imply that the hoisters were treated like animals.
c) explain the importance of standing up straight.
d) note how dangerous the beams could be.

If someone is sceptical, he or she is
a) full of doubt.
b) not trustworthy.
c) amusing.
d) expecting the worst.

To oblige is to
a) quit a job.
b) spread rumors.
c) commit a crime.
d) compel by pressure.

What does ostensibly mean?
a) mindlessly
b) haltingly
c) seemingly
d) aggressively

A plan is ingenious if it is
a) clever.
b) boring.
c) not well thought out.
d) likely to be discovered.

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