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Examples of Sound Energy
a) Piano
b) Radio
c) Tinkling bell
d) All of the above

Examples of Light Energy
a) Lightbulb
b) Sun
c) Rainbow
d) All of the above

Examples of Electrical energy
a) Computer
b) Electric can opener
c) Telephone
d) All of the above

Examples of Chemical energy include
a) Gasoline
b) Plant Growing
c) Campfire
d) All of the above

Examples of Mechanical energy include:
a) Running cat
b) Thrown basketball
c) Sled on the top of a hill
d) All of the above

The First Law of Thermodynamics states:
a) Matter and energy can not be created, but it can be destroyed
b) Matter and energy CAN be created
c) Matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed, they can only change form
d) Matter and energy never change form

Give 3 examples of potential energy:
a) A coiled spring
b) Any elevated item
c) A stretched rubber band
d) All of the above

Name an element commonly used in nuclear weapons
a) Uranium
b) Plutonium
c) Hydrogen
d) All of the above

Examples of Nuclear energy
a) Nuclear power plant
b) Atomic bomb
c) Hydrogen bomb
d) All of the above

Who first described mathematically how matter is converted to energy?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Albert Einstein
c) Werner von Bruen
d) Newton

Which releases more energy, chemical or nuclear bonds?
a) Chemical
b) Nuclear

What type of process releases energy by splitting the nucleus of an atom?
a) Fission
b) Fusion
c) Future
d) Fido

Where is chemical energy stored?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Digestion
c) Combustion
d) In molecular bonds of all 3 above

What are 2 forms that mechanical energy can take?
a) Potential and Karismatic
b) Kinetic and Portent
c) Potential and Kinetic
d) Kinsmen and Potential

What is Energy?
a) Ability to perform masterpieces
b) Ability to perform work
c) Ability to perform electricity
d) I don't know

List 6 types of Energy:
a) Mechanical, Chemical
b) Nuclear, Thermal
c) Electrical, Sound, Light
d) All of the above

Examples of Magnetic energy
a) Paper clips
b) Fridge magnet
c) Iron
d) All of the above

What are 3 types of radiation?
a) Alpha
b) Beta
c) Gamma
d) All of the above

Name 2 types of bioenergy
a) Diesel and wood
b) Bio-diesel and wood
c) Coal and Petroluem
d) Bio-diesel and coal

What is 1 problem with radiometric dating?
a) Inconsistent results
b) Assuming rate of decay is constant
c) Assuming that none of the tested element was in the sample when it was made.
d) All of the above

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