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Transparent layer of the eye that light travels through
a) cornea
b) retina
c) iris
d) pupil

High frequency vibrations cause which type of pitch?
a) high
b) low
c) medium
d) soft

Low frequency vibrations cause what type of pitch?
a) high
b) low
c) medium
d) loud

The vibration of air particles cause the ______ to vibrate.
a) outer ear
b) eardrum
c) cochlea
d) malleus

Sound waves are gathered by the ______ which is shaped to capture sound waves
a) outer ear
b) inner ear
c) eardrum
d) cochlea

Located on the back of the inside eye where light waves are focused
a) retina
b) cornea
c) pupil
d) iris

Nerve impulses are sent through this to allow the brain to create clear images
a) optic nerve
b) cochlear nerave
c) spinal nerve
d) pulmonary nerve

The brain's interpretation of those nerve impulses are known as
a) sight
b) hearing
c) taste
d) smell

How many small bones are there in the human ear?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

What part of the eye shows a person's genetic blueprint?
a) retina
b) iris
c) pupil
d) cornea

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