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In between nitrogen bases, you will be able to find
a) hydrogen.
b) ribose.
c) phosphate.
d) deoxyribose.

The mRNA sequence AUGGUUAAACGACAAUCC codes for which polypeptide?
a) Val, Lys, Phe, Gly, Ser
b) Met, Asp, Phe, Ala, Arg
c) Met, Val, Lys, Arg, Gin, Ser
d) Ile, Gin, Lys, Asp, Gly, Leu, Ser

Which of these changes to the DNA triplet GCT will affect the protein produced?
a) GTT
b) TCT
c) TCC
d) GCA

Which DNA component is referred to as the genetic code?
a) Phosphate Groups
b) Deoxyribose Sugars
c) Nitrogen Bases
d) Hydrogen Bonds

A mutation occuring in gametes (sex cells) will likely be transferred to the organism's
a) Sibling
b) Offspring
c) Mate
d) Neighbors

A mutation is least likely to affect a cell when the mutation
a) Reverses the DNA bases
b) Replaces Bases with their pairs
c) Produces the same amino acid
d) Doesn't change the # of Base Pairs

If yeast can use a human version of a gene to repair their own defective gene, then they both
a) Depend on the same food supply
b) Share a genetic code
c) Have eukaryotic cells
d) Have identical genomes

If the original strand says TGA GGT CTC CTC, how has the strand TGA GGT CAC CTC been mutated?
a) Substitution/Point
b) Insertion
c) Deletion
d) Frameshift

DNA and RNA both contain
a) Ribose Sugar
b) Phosphates
c) Thymine
d) Uracil

This nucleic acid contains Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine.
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Both DNA RNA
d) Neither DNA nor RNA

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