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This describes the movement of nitrogen throughout the atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.
a) nitrogen cycle
b) water cycle
c) carbon cycle
d) oxygen cycle

Nitrogen gas is converted into a usable compound called nitrates by certain types of microorganisms.
a) nitrogen fixation
b) weathering
c) assimilation
d) deforestation

Some bacteria take nitrogen out of compounds in the soil and change it back into nitrogen gas that is released into the atmosphere.
a) denitrification
b) cellular respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) nitrogen cycle

Plants roots absorb nitrogen containing nutrients in the soil.
a) assimilation
b) volcanic activity
c) cellular respiration
d) sedimentation

A natural process in which substances are broken down to create energy.
a) cellular respiration
b) nitrogen cycle
c) nitrogen fixation
d) global warming

Materials that slowly formed underground from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago.
a) fossil fuels
b) combustion
c) deforestation
d) decay

A natural process involving the eruption of hot gases and rock material from within Earth.
a) volcanic activity
b) decay
c) global warming
d) weathering

The process by which stones at the Earth's surface are broken down, either physically or chemically.
a) weathering
b) decay
c) volcanic activity
d) deforestation

A reaction in which a substance burns in oxygen. This process releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
a) combustion
b) photosynthesis
c) global warming
d) nitrogen fixation

The release of carbon dioxide that was once dissolved in water into the air
a) degasification
b) nitrogen fixation
c) weathering
d) decay

A natural process with plants in which carbon dioxide and water are converted into sugar.
a) photosynthesis
b) nitrogen cycle
c) water cycle
d) deforestation

A natural process in which pieces of rock and other matter settle out of water and are buried.
a) sedimentation
b) combustion
c) fossil fuels
d) nitrogen cycle

A natural process in which carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves into water.
a) dissolution
b) deforestation
c) decay
d) denitrification

Cutting down large areas of trees. This puts more carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the air.
a) deforestation
b) decay
c) denitrification
d) combustion

An increase in Earth's average global temperatures.
a) global warming
b) volcanic activity
c) photosynthesis
d) nitrogen cycle

A natural process in which organic matter, like dead organisms, decompose or break down.
a) decay
b) global warming
c) cellular respiration
d) nitrogen fixation

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