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Which is a Technological advance introduced in WWI?
a) Blistering Agent (mustard gas)
b) shell shock (PTSD)
c) trenchfoot
d) lice

What were the four main causes of the WWI?
a) Militarism, Alliance System, Imperialism, and Nationalism
b) Patiotism, Imperialism, Nationalism. Militarism
c) Symbolism, Alliance System, Imperialism, and Nationalism
d) Martialism, Alliance System, Imperialism, and Nationalism

How did Americans help the war effort at home?
a) Liberty (Victory) Gardens
b) flower gardens
c) herbal gardens
d) making cookies for soldiers

What was the fourteenth point?
a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
c) formation of the League of Nations
d) formation of the United Nations

What are the sypmtoms of shell shock (PTSD)?
a) comatose state
b) blistering
c) toenail fungus
d) nightmares, flashbacks, overreactions to sudden noises

What was Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace?
a) Fifteen Points
b) Ten Points
c) Fourteen Points
d) Five Point

Who killed the Archduke?
a) John Wilkes Booth
b) Blackhand
c) Black Jack
d) a squirrel

Why did Americans not join the League of Nations?
a) feared being pulled into foreign wars
b) wanted their own league
c) didn't get along with the other countries that were joining
d) none of the above

Who led the American troops in France?
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) John J., Black Jack, Pershing
c) Blackjack
d) Washington

What is one punishment placed on Germany from Treaty of Versailles?
a) pay 300 billion n reparations
b) pay medical bills for France and U.S.
c) supply weapons to France and the U.S.
d) say they are sorry

What is one issue soldiers faced in trenches?
a) asphyxiants-poisonous gases
b) lachyrmotor (tearing agent)-temporary blindness
c) trenchfoot-prolonged exposure to cold and damp
d) blistering agent (mustard gas)-blistering, blindness, bleeding lungs

What did Germany send to Mexico that told them to attack the U.S.?
a) the German Telegram
b) the Mexican Telegram
c) Zimmerman Note
d) Zimmerman Telegram

What is the Triple Entente?
a) alliance between France, Russia, and Britain
b) alliance between Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Germany
c) alliance between the U.S., Germany, and France
d) alliance between Germany and France

What is militarism?
a) decreasing one's army and navy
b) reducing weaponry
c) ending selective service
d) expansion of the Army and navy

What is imperialism?
a) being content with your country as it is
b) competition for land, resources, etc.
c) intense feeling pride in one's country
d) none of the above

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