Capitalizing Titles Question Preview (ID: 29208)

Choose Which Title Is Written Correctly.

the boy and his dog
a) The boy and his Dog
b) The Boy And His Dog
c) The Boy and His Dog
d) The Boy And his dog

because of winn dixie
a) Because of Winn Dixie
b) because of Winn Dixie
c) Because of winn Dixie
d) Because Of Winn Dixie

the cat in the hat
a) the Cat in the Hat
b) The Cat In The Hat
c) The Cat in the Hat
d) The cat in the Hat

the new york times
a) The New york Times
b) The New York Times
c) The new york Times
d) The New York times

taste of home cookbook
a) Taste Of Home Cookbook
b) Taste of home cookbook
c) Taste of Home Cookbook
d) Taste of home Cookbook

the puppy who wanted a boy
a) The puppy Who wanted A boy
b) The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy
c) The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy
d) The Puppy who wanted a Boy

harriet the spy
a) Harriet the spy
b) Harriet The Spy
c) harriet the spy
d) Harriet the Spy

twas the night before christmas
a) Twas the night before Christmas
b) Twas the Night Before Christmas
c) Twas the Night before Christmas
d) Twas The Night Before Christmas

the princess and the pea
a) The princess and the Pea
b) The Princess And The Pea
c) The Princess and the Pea
d) The Princess and the pea

the tiny mouse in the house
a) The tiny mouse in the House
b) The Tiny Mouse in the House
c) The tiny Mouse in the House
d) The Tiny Mouse In The House

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