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The cultural dress in Saudi Arabia and Iran is conservative by most Westerners' perspectives. In these countries men and women dress
a) modestly
b) lavishly
c) like most Europeans
d) with the latest fashion trends in Hollywood

What geographic barrier limits transportation to countries south of Egypt?
a) shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea
b) rapids and waterfalls (cataracts) in the Nile River
c) the Atlas Mountains
d) Lake Victoria

Which piece of technology was instrumental in the communication of protesters during Arab Spring?
a) radio
b) walkie talkies
c) computers
d) cell phones

Which culture traits do the majority of the people of SW Asia and North Africa have in common?
a) Arabic language and Islamic religion
b) Persian language and democratic governments
c) Yiddish language and Judaic religion
d) English language and Mediterranean foods

Which two Middle East countries are the only long-standing democracies of the region?
a) Saudi Arabia and Israel
b) Egypt and Yemen
c) Israel and Turkey
d) Turkey and Syria

With petroleum a much wanted resource, what happens to gasoline prices in non-OPEC countries when supply by OPEC is decreased?
a) gasoline prices decrease
b) gasoline prices increase
c) more oil workers are hired
d) there is no change

What happened at Camp David when the leaders of Egypt and Israel met?
a) The two leaders could not reach an agreement.
b) The talks were successful, and a historic peace agreement was achieved.
c) The United States was not involved.
d) No real progress was made.

The majority of Egypt's population is located around what geographic feature?
a) Nile River
b) Atlas Mountains
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Persian Gulf

Southwest Asia is the birthplace of which 3 religions?
a) Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism
b) Judaism, Christianity, Islam
c) Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism
d) Islam, Hinduism, Judaism

What geography dominates most of North Africa and the Middle East?
a) the Nile River
b) vast deserts
c) tundra
d) tropical rainforest

How have natural resources affected the economy of the Middle East?
a) Manufacturing jobs are common.
b) Some countries have gained wealth due to petroleum access and exports of this petroleum.
c) There are no natural resources available to trade.
d) The mining industry is booming.

What action did the United Nations take following WWII?
a) It officially recognized Palestine as an independent nation.
b) It removed the Jewish people from the Middle East region.
c) It officially recognized Israel as an independent nation.
d) It enforced a trade embargo on the region.

Which country produces the most oil?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Kuwait
c) Qatar
d) Bahrain

Where did many Jewish people migrate after WWII?
a) Lebanon
b) Egypt
c) Israel
d) Syria

Money from oil has shaped the policies of many Middle Eastern countries. What is an example of these domestic policies that occurred due to oil wealth?
a) Social services (i.e., free health care) can be provided by the government.
b) Everyone is given a high paying job.
c) There is no immigration allowed to these countries.
d) All housing is free.

Which is the holy city to the three monotheistic religions?
a) Bethlehem
b) Cairo
c) Kuwait City
d) Jerusalem

The Suez Canal connects which two bodies of water?
a) Atlantic Ocean and Arabian Sea
b) Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
c) Red Sea to Dead Sea
d) Red Sea to Persian Gulf

The series of pro-democracy revolutions that occurred from 2010-2011 in the ME-NA region became known as
a) Arab Spring
b) Islamic Fall
c) Democratic Dares
d) Super Summer

Which body of water is important to the developed countries of the world due to its abundance of crude oil?
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Persian Gulf
c) Arabian Sea
d) Suez Canal

What country is located directly east of Iraq?
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Egypt
d) Qatar

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