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What is prolong fighting called:?
a) Reunion
b) Animosity
c) Conflict
d) Hostility

What is a strong hostility against something?
a) Animosity
b) Conflict
c) Friendship
d) Isolation

What is the movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine called?
a) Holocaust
b) Zionism
c) Nationalism
d) Anti-Semitism

What is killing of million of Jews by the Nazis is called?
a) Zionism
b) Holocaust
c) Anti-Semitism
d) isolation

The prejudice or discrimination against the Jews is called _______________.
a) Isolation
b) Zionism
c) Anti-Semitism
d) Animosity

What are the large prison camps used to confine the Jews?
a) Concentration Camp
b) Hotel
c) Cabin
d) Institution

The section of a city where the Nazis forced all the Jews to live was called ______________.
a) Surburbs
b) Ghetto
c) Village
d) Urban

What is the lack of contact between people?
a) Animosity
b) Confict
c) Loneliness
d) isolation

The group of Muslims who wanted the most qualified to lead are called ______.
a) Sunni
b) Shia
c) Syrian
d) Islamic

The group of Muslims who wanted Muhammad's descendant to lead are called _____.
a) Sunni
b) Shia
c) Syrian
d) Islamic

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