Story Problems--Borrowing And Carrying Question Preview (ID: 292)

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Sam had 667 balloons to sell. He sold 349 at the circus. How many does he have left to sell?
a) 315
b) 987
c) 249
d) 318

There were 451 passengers at Airport Gate A and 399 passengers at Airport Gate C. How many passengers in all?
a) 850
b) 792
c) 52
d) 750

The baker made 396 loaves of white bread and 189 loaves of wheat bread. How many more loaves of white bread did the baker make?
a) 165
b) 585
c) 207
d) 212

Grandpa had a bucket of 526 nails. We used 318 to build a doghouse. How many nails were left in the bucket?
a) 208
b) 156
c) 844
d) 313

Billy counted 319 pennies in the jar. Dad added 255 pennies. Now how many pennies are in the jar?
a) 500
b) 64
c) 674
d) 574

Grandma had 747 buttons in a jar. Ben used 219 buttons for an art project. How many buttons are left in the jar?
a) 398
b) 528
c) 1000
d) 566

The mailman had 681 postage stamps. He sold 356 of them. How many stamps does he have left?
a) 324
b) 325
c) 1118
d) 235

Wal-Mart had 288 rose bushes. On Mother's Day they sold 159 rose bushes. How many rose bushes were left?
a) 229
b) 266
c) 447
d) 129

Mrs. Brown had 555 stickers to put on papers. A student gave her a package of 139 stickers. Now how many stickers does she have now?
a) 416
b) 694
c) 594
d) 424

There were 737 at the zoo. It started raining and 329 people left the zoo. How many people stayed at the zoo?
a) 408
b) 508
c) 208
d) 418

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