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Which contributes to Earth's ability to sustain life?
a) The atmosphere allows all of the sun's radiation to enter due to Earth's distance from the Sun.
b) The atmosphere prevents all space debris from reaching the surface due to the Ozone Layer.
c) The atmosphere is extremely thin due to the temperatures of the Sun.
d) The atmosphere is breathable due to the unique mixture of gases.

Why are there high and low tides on Earth?
a) They are due to changes in the moon's tilt on its axis.
b) They are due to the gravitational pull between the Earth and the Moon.
c) They are due to the magnetic force between the Earth and the Moon.
d) They are due to changes in the Moon's speed every month.

Which represents information that is gained as a result of space exploration?
a) Weather and climate patterns that occur on Earth.
b) Existence of the Sun and Moon in the solar system.
c) How to use coal and natural gas as energy resources.
d) Location of plates found upon Earth's surface.

Which factor makes the Earth different from all the other planets in the solar system in its ability to support life?
a) The Earth is exposed to rays from the Sun.
b) The Earth only has one moon that orbits around it.
c) The Earth rotates in an elliptical orbit around the Sun.
d) The Earth has a breathable atmosphere.

Which best explains why the Moon has phases?
a) The Moon's position changes in relation to the Sun and the Earth.
b) The Sun's position changes in relation to the Moon and Earth.
c) The Earth casts a shadow on the Moon as it rotates.
d) The Moon rotates along its axis.

Why does Earth have different seasons?
a) Because of the distance between Earth and the Sun.
b) Because of the speed of Earth as it rotates on its axis.
c) Because of the amount of light blocked by the Moon on its axis.
d) Because of the tilt of Earth on its axis as it moves around the Sun.

In the 1500s, Nicolas Copernicus proposed a new theory on the heliocentric structure of the solar system. Which of these statements best describes this new theory?
a) Earth is at the center of the solar system
b) There are eight planets in the solar system
c) The Sun is at the center of the solar system
d) Moons have circular orbits in the solar system

Which of the following helps keep the Moon in its orbit
a) Friction
b) Gravity
c) Latitude
d) Longitude

About how many days after the spring equinox will the fall equinox occur?
a) 90 days
b) 180 days
c) 270 days
d) 360 days

Which is a gaseous planet?
a) Jupiter
b) Earth
c) Mars
d) Venus

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