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a) To put used objects through a process so they can be made into something new
b) capable of being used more than once
c) to leave trash around
d) people or businesses that sell products

_________ can spend less money if they look for discounts.
a) tax
b) consumers
c) resource
d) disposible

Cause and effect: _______ to the plastic pollution in the ocean, I believe cities should outlaw plastic bags.
a) In my opinion,
b) I believe,
c) Due to
d) From my perspective

The mayor signed a law making it a crime to ____
a) pollution
b) implement
c) tax
d) litter

How do you respond-Ways that people use plastic bugs?
a) store items
b) line trash cans
c) carry groceries
d) One common use for plastic bags is to clean up after pets.

a) You can help the legislation by recycling.
b) In my opinion, the best place to live is where the legislation is warm and sunny.
c) Our town has legislation that prohibits littering the freeways.
d) I care about the environment so I legislate.

Quote: He argues that a ban may not align with most Americans' belief in freedom of choice (Malik, 44)
a) This quote reinforces the idea that many Americans value the right to be able to choose than a ban on plastic bags.
b) Due to plastic pollution, I believe cities should outlaw plastic bags.
c) From my perspective, cities should not prohibit plastic bags.
d) As a result, people have a practical way of disposing plastic bags.

One example of a terrifying event that can ___ without warning is an earthquake.
a) relevant
b) occur
c) due to
d) disposable

a) money paid to the government
b) a law or group of laws
c) outlaw, ban prohibit
d) the land, air, and water in which people plants and animals live

a) relevant, occur
b) refuse, litter, pollution, waste
c) outlaw, ban, prohibit
d) convenient, practical, helpful

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