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How did King George III plan to pay for the French and Indian War?
a) by taxing the British people
b) by taxing the French people
c) by taxing the Indians
d) by taxing the colonists

The country of Great Britain is also known as
a) England
b) France
c) Canada
d) America

The people who live in England are called ______________ people
a) New Englanders
b) colonists
c) British
d) French

The Townshend Act put taxes on
a) all towns
b) coffee and wheat
c) sugar
d) paint, paper, glass, lead, and tea

How many people died in the Boston Massacre?
a) 500
b) 50
c) 5
d) None

The Boston Massacre was a fight between
a) the people of Boston and the people of New York
b) a few British soldiers and hundreds of colonists
c) a few colonists and hundreds of British soldiers
d) the French and the Indians

The first person to be killed during the American Revolution was
a) Crispus Attucks
b) George Washington
c) Sam Adams
d) John Adams

The slogan that was said by many colonists was:
a) God Save the King!
b) No taxation without representation!
c) Live free or die!
d) America the Beautiful!

The Quartering Act
a) required British soldiers to give colonists food, clothing, and a place to sleep
b) required British soldiers to give Indians food, clothing, and a place to sleep
c) required colonists to give each British soldier a quarter
d) required colonists to give British soldiers food, clothing, and a place to sleep

The Intolerable Acts were ordered by King George III because
a) the British king was intolerable.
b) he was angry about the Boston Massacre.
c) he was angry about the Boston Tea Party.
d) he was angry with the French.

The Stamp Act
a) required colonists to buy a stamp in order to mail a letter
b) required colonists to put stamps on each bag of sugar they bought
c) required colonists to purchase a stamp for each item made of paper that they bought
d) required colonists to purchase a paper for each stamp that they bought.

The man who convinced many of the colonists that war against England was needed was
a) Benedict Arnold
b) Patrick Henry
c) George Washington
d) Crispus Attucks

The First Continental Congress was held in order to
a) celebrate the Boston Tea party
b) discuss how to punish the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre
c) decide who should write the constitution
d) decide what to do about King George III and his unfair rules

The delegates of the First Continental Congress decided
a) to go to war with Great Britain
b) to write a letter to King George and tell him why they were unhappy and what he could do to help
c) to write a letter to King George thanking him for allowing them to live in the colonies.
d) to ignore all taxes that were ordered by King George III

The Second Continental Congress was held in order to
a) discuss how the king had ignored their letter
b) discuss how the king had done many of the things they asked for in their letter
c) celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence
d) celebrate being an American colonist

The delegates of the Second Continental Congress decided to
a) declare independence from Great Britain and to go to war against them
b) give King George another chance to make things right
c) write the Constitution of the United States
d) ignore King George III because he had ignored them.

The Declaration of Independence was signed
a) July 4, 1776
b) June 4, 1776
c) July 4, 2015
d) December 16, 1773

The three unalienable rights written in the Declaration of Independence are the right of
a) life, love, and happiness
b) peace, wealth, and happiness
c) liberty, the pursuit of wealth, and happiness
d) life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

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