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Unwilling, disinclined
a) Counterpart
b) Proclaim
c) Reluctant
d) Destined

To be high in rank, dignity, or character
a) Lofty
b) Destined
c) Adjourn
d) Disintegrate

To close at the end of a session
a) Lofty
b) Reluctant
c) Adjourn
d) Disintegrate

To break into parts or components; to lose unity
a) Disintegrate
b) Adjourn
c) Reluctant
d) Lofty

Far beyond what is usual; to go beyond what is expected
a) Exceeding
b) Disintegrate
c) Rapidity
d) Conviction

Moving, acting, or occurring with great speed
a) Proclaim
b) Destined
c) Conviction
d) Rapidity

Strong persuasion or belief
a) Conviction
b) Rapidity
c) Destined
d) Proclaim

To determine beforehand; preordain
a) Rapidity
b) Destined
c) Disintegrate
d) Adjourn

The process of discussing a question or conflict in order to settle it
a) Negotiation
b) Counterpart
c) Treaty
d) Adjourn

Self-ruling and independent
a) Negotiation
b) Delegation
c) Soveriegn
d) Conviction

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