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What caused the funny odor that Harold smelled?
a) Chester smelled horrible.
b) Toby's room smelled like rotten food.
c) Harold's breath.
d) Garlic around Chester's neck and Bunnicula's cage.

Why did Harold and Chester pound a STEAK onto Bunnicula's chest?
a) It was supposed to kill Bunnicula.
b) Harold was trying to feed Bunnicula, but Chester was trying to stop him.
c) Bunnicula was hungry and wanted some steak.
d) They were trying to hide the steak for later.

Why was Chester CONFUSED about the STEAK?
a) He didn't realize he was supposed to cook the steak before using it.
b) Rabbits don't like steak.
c) Steak isn't a good way to get rid of vampires.
d) His book MARK OF THE VAMPIRE told him to use a STAKE, not a STEAK.

Why was Harold sopping wet?
a) Mrs. Monroe gave him a bath.
b) Chester accidentally threw water on him instead of Bunnicula.
c) He licked chocolate cupcake frosting off his fur.
d) Chester told him to throw water on himself.

Why did Chester decide to throw water on Bunnicula?
a) To clean the garlic smell off of him.
b) Bunnicula was dying of thirst.
c) He thought it would make Bunnicula shrivel up and disappear.
d) He wanted to clean him off after the steak incident.

At the end of Chapter 6, how was Chester punished for his actions?
a) Mrs. Monroe tossed him out the front door.
b) Mrs. Monroe kissed his nose.
c) Mrs. Monroe made him wear his yellow sweater again.
d) Mrs. Monroe gave him a bath.

Strange noises EMANATED from downstairs.
a) Yelled into or from
b) Came forth or came out of
c) Appeared
d) Spoke to

Standing in the doorway was Chester, a strange PENDANT hanging from his neck.
a) Skin or fur
b) Piece of food
c) Necklace or chain
d) Long scarf

With water dripping from my ears, I watched Mrs. Monroe pick Chester up by the NAPE of his neck.
a) Loose skin that covers the back of the neck.
b) Front of the neck.
c) Spots on the neck.
d) Collar around his neck.

I looked over toward the cage, in there on the other side of the window was a PATHETIC tabby face looking in.
a) Brown or tan
b) Perky; happy
c) Pitiful; sad
d) Angry; upset

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