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How long were the men stuck on Lord Helios' Island?
a) 6 days
b) 6 months
c) 1 YEAR
d) 2 days

What happened to Odysseus' raft?
a) Zeus destroyed the ship with a storm and lightening bolt
b) Zeus made it fly
c) saturn ate it
d) Scylla ate it

What is the name of the man who led the mutiny?
a) Eurylochus
b) Zeus
c) Syracuse
d) Polyphemus

What is the Sun God's name?
a) Helios
b) Phaeacia
c) Polyphemus
d) Poseidon

What made the men so desperate?
a) They were starving
b) They were lonely
c) They were drunk
d) They were fat

What was Odysseus doing when the men were planning mutiny?
a) sleeping
b) Hanging out with Calypso
c) hanging out with Circe
d) eating

Who does Helios go to to seek out revenge?
a) Zeus
b) Saturn
c) Polyphemus
d) Poseidon

Who wrote 'The Odyssey'?
a) Homer
b) Poe
c) Shakesphere
d) Rowlings

Where is Odysseus telling this story?
a) Troy
b) Phaeacia
c) Aeolia
d) Jersey Shore

What will he get if he tells the story?
a) a cookie
b) to return to home
c) Circe
d) death

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