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What is Circe?
a) a Sorceress Goddess
b) a fairy
c) a sea monster
d) a 1/2 man, 1/2 cowWhat is the Sea Monster's name?

What does the Siren's song do to the men?
a) Wreck their ships
b) sing along
c) go deaf
d) fight each other

What happened to the swine men when Odysseus returned to Circe?
a) They died
b) they returned to man form
c) They turned into women
d) They turned into cattle

What does the Giant Whirlpool do?
a) sucks up the ship and spits it back out
b) throw water at the ships
c) eats the Sea Monster
d) disappears

What does Circe do to the men?
a) Turns them into cows
b) Turns them to stone
c) Turns them into swine (pigs)
d) Turns them into canine (dogs)

What does Odysseus do to protect his men?
a) Put wax in their ears
b) cut off their ears
c) begs the sirens to be nice
d) throws them into the water

What does he tell the men to do to him while they are with the Sirens?
a) Tie him to the Mast (boat) and if he fights it, tie him tighter
b) row
c) listen to the beautiful ladies
d) untie him when he tells them to do it

What does Circe tell Odysseus to do?
a) Go to the Land of the Dead
b) Go back to his wife
c) jump off the boat
d) shave his beard

How many men did the Cyclops eat?
a) 6
b) 12
c) 1
d) 2

What is the Sea Monster's name?
a) Charybdis
b) Scylla
c) Zeus
d) Polyphemus

What was the name of the Whirlpool?
a) Charybdis
b) Phaeacia
c) Polyphemus
d) Poe

Where did Odysseus go immediately folllowing the Land of the Dead?
a) to Circe
b) To Ithaca
c) To Rome
d) To Tiresias

Who are the Sirens?
a) Feathery Bird Mermaid Ladies
b) Scaley monsters
c) horns blowing from the rocks
d) sounds from other boats

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