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Elected by Senate to represent the plebians
a) tribunes
b) Istanbul
c) Monothesitc
d) Pax Romana

Constantinople is now in present day ________________, Turkey
a) Istanbul
b) tribunes
c) monotheistic
d) Pax Romana

Islam, Christianity and Judaism are _____________ religions.
a) monotheistic
b) polytheistic
c) Istanbul
d) Pax Romana

Believing the Roman empire had grown too large, Diocletian
a) divided it in half, each with its own ruler
b) divided it into four parts
c) handed over power to citizens
d) removed the army from its borders

Which best describes the early religion of Rome?
a) polytheistic similar to Greeks
b) monotheistic
c) Their gods were emperors
d) The Romans didn't have a religion

Which group helped the Romans to develop their early form of government?
a) Etruscans
b) Greeks
c) Phoenicians
d) Carthagians

In 509 BC, Rome set up a form of government which included a leader(s) and a lawmaking group. What is this type of government/
a) Republic
b) Democracy
c) Dictatorship
d) Monarchy

Which of the following describe the transition of Roman government?
a) Monarchy- Republic- Dictatorship-Empire
b) City-Republic-Monarchy-Dictatorship
c) Empire-Republic-City-Monarchy
d) Monarchy-Republic- Empire-Dictatorship

What is the holy book of Islam called?
a) Quran
b) Mosque
c) Torah
d) Hajj

Which of the following is NOT a reason Islam spread?
a) Appeal of multiple gods
b) followers from Medina
c) tolerance of other religions
d) trade caravans

Which of the following is NOT a belief of Islam?
a) worshiping Muhammad as a god
b) giving to charity
c) praying five times daily
d) fasting during Ramadan

How did Islam first spread?
a) through traders
b) traveling to Judea
c) distributing the Quran
d) people were willing to listen in Medina

Which is NOT a contribution made by Byzantine Empire?
a) reunited the Roman and Orthodox churches
b) Hagia Sophia
c) perserving records
d) Justinian Code

How was the Byzantine Empire connected to Roman Empire?
a) It was the Eastern part
b) It was the Western part
c) It was the Empire before the Roman empire
d) It was the other name of the Roman empire?

Which Byzantine emperor was responsible for organizing and simplifying old Roman law into a new code?
a) Justinian
b) Contstantine
c) Diocletian
d) Theodora

Where did Islam spread mostly?
a) Middle East and Northern Africa
b) Eastern Europe
c) Asia and the Far East
d) North and South Americas

Which religion is NOT monotheistic?
a) Buddhism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Judaism

Which city is sacred to Judaism. Christianity and Islam?
a) Jerusalem
b) Mecca
c) Medina
d) Rome

Early religion in Rome followed the ______________ views of Greece?
a) polytheistic
b) monotheistic
c) Pax Romana
d) Istanbul

Emperor Augustus gave Rome the __________________ (200 year peace)
a) Pax Romana
b) Istanbul
c) Monotheistic
d) Tribunes

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