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While Stuart was roasting a marshmallow over the fire, he accidentally SINGED his shirt sleeve.
a) Dirtied
b) Ripped
c) Stuck
d) Burnt

When her basketball team started losing, Sophia decided to TAKE MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS and sink every basket she shot.
a) Quit playing before they lost
b) Be in control of the game
c) Clap her hands to cheer her teammates on
d) Throw her hands up and beg for the ball

When teacher made him sit alone at recess, Bryan felt ISOLATED from his class.
a) Unfriendly
b) Upset
c) Not a part of
d) Angry at

After playing the lottery for years and winning only a few dollars, Susan finally won a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money.
a) Small
b) Very rich
c) Large
d) Unbelievable

Compared to the size of the kids in her 6th grade class, Pamela was very PETITE.
a) Smart
b) Small
c) Picky
d) Suprised

Mallory loved acting on stage. The audience appreciated how she played her part with GUSTO.
a) Excitement
b) Bravery
c) Boredom
d) Realism

After running 15 miles of the marathon, Jose was feeling FATIGUED and had to walk the remaining 11 miles.
a) Out of Breath
b) Exhausted
c) Energetic
d) Cramps

John was BEWILDERED when he saw the bird sitting on the cat's back. He thought birds were afraid of cats.
a) Frightened
b) Between ideas
c) Wild
d) Shocked

When left in the sun, the water GRADUALLY evaporated from the bowl.
a) Quickly
b) Slowly
c) Easily
d) With difficulty

Most people feared the king because his judgement was final and his punishments were SEVERE.
a) Many
b) Harsh
c) Several
d) Broken

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