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The following quote is an example of what type of figurative language? In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check.
a) personification
b) alliteration
c) onomatopoeia
d) repetition

a comparison to make a stronger point
a) allusion
b) alliteration
c) anaphora
d) analogy

a statement that appears to be contradictory by includes a latent truth
a) alliteration/imagery
b) idiom/hyperbole
c) analogy/metaphor
d) paradox/oxymoron

an arbitrary sign that has acquired a conventional significance
a) analogy
b) metaphor
c) anaphora
d) symbollism

an indirect reference to something in order to make a point
a) illusion
b) hyperbole
c) symbollism
d) allusion

With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood-
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) personification
d) hyperbole

successive clauses beginning the same way
a) allusion
b) analogy
c) anaphora
d) alliteration

tone is
a) a comparison of two unlike objects
b) a quality that reveals the attitudes of the author
c) how the reader feels in reaction to reading the piece
d) the sound produced when reading the text

right or clockwise
a) branchy
b) dextro
c) caust
d) cata

state of
a) kin
b) ose
c) mem
d) tude

a) work
b) muscle
c) follow
d) arrangement

a) will
b) ferment
c) put
d) an element

Which stems define body parts
a) labor, gress, vac
b) kin, dactyl, phyl
c) blasto, chiro, vore
d) dactyl, chiro, myo

Which stems define movement
a) ventri, gastro, myo
b) gress, phor, labor
c) opia, ef, saur
d) terr, cata, dor

which stems define size
a) cephalo, chiro, macro
b) milli, osis, gress
c) oli, branchy, macro
d) phos, gon, haplo

Which stems define parts of the body
a) pod, rhiz, schizo
b) vintri, brachio, dor
c) here, cephalo, pod
d) vore, embryo, som

Which stems define plants/parts of plants
a) phag, phyte, phyl
b) rhiz, phyll, phyte

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