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1. The system of promises between lords and vassals that formed the political basis of Medieval Europe called what?
a) Feudalism
b) Catholic Church
c) Cathedrals
d) Excommunicate

2. The ___________________________ built the very first universities in Medieval Europe and had a lasting impact on philosophy in Europe.
a) Catholic Church
b) Excommunicate
c) Feudalism
d) Socialism

________________________ were huge churches that became centers of art and religious worship were built during this time.
a) Cathedrals
b) Castles
c) Fortresses
d) Universities

4. Medieval Christians feared the Pope’s power to ________________________ someone because they thought that person would no longer be able to enter heaven.
a) Excommunicate
b) Defenestrate
c) Relocate
d) Retrobate

5. In 1073 Pope Gregory VII excommunicated Emperor Henry IV over the right to appoint ___________________________ .
a) Bishops
b) Knights
c) Servants
d) Attendants

6. One cause of the _________________________________ was attacks and mistreatment of Christian pilgrims by Muslims in the Holy Land.
a) Crusades
b) Missions
c) Expeditions
d) Camping trips

7. An increase in _________________________ between Europe, the Middle East and Asia was a result of the Crusades.
a) Trade
b) Sports
c) Learning
d) Church building

8. The _______________________________ was historically significant because it limited the power of the kings.
a) Magna Carta
b) Bill of Student Rights
c) Laws of Mordor
d) The 3 Rs

9. The signing of the Magna Carta ensured that even the___________________had to now follow the laws.
a) Kings
b) Popes
c) Sultans
d) Shahs

10. The disease called ________________ ___________________killed 25 million Europeans from 1347 through 1352 and helped end feudalism forever in Europe.
a) Bubonic Plague
b) Ebola
d) Cholera

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