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If a cell undergoes mitosis every five minutes, how man cells will you have after ten minutes?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 6
d) 10

How many chromosomes are in each human body cell?
a) 46 or 23 pairs
b) 48 or 24 pairs
c) 44 or 22 pairs
d) 50 or 25 pairs

Adeinie goes with:
a) thymine
b) adenine
c) guanine
d) cytosine

Thymine goes with:
a) adenine
b) guanine
c) cytosine
d) thymine

Cytosine goes with:
a) guanine
b) cytosine
c) thymine
d) adenine

Guanine goes with:
a) cytosine
b) guanine
c) thymine
d) adenine

What sugar is found in DNA\'s structure?
a) deoxyribose
b) ribose
c) glucose
d) sucrose

Besides the sugars and the nucleic acids, what is in DNA
a) phosphate
b) more sugar
c) carbon
d) oxygen

What is the name for the shape of DNA
a) double helix
b) ladder
c) twisted thing
d) don't care

Who got the Nobel prize for DNA?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Watson and Dietz
c) Crock and Crick
d) Holmes and Watson

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