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a veces
a) sometimes
b) never
c) always
d) when pigs fly!

ayudar (a)
a) to look for
b) to help
c) to use
d) to need

a) to help
b) to enter
c) to arrive
d) to look for

con razón
a) that's why
b) no, you're wrong
c) always
d) sometimes

a) difficult, hard
b) easy
c) same
d) soon

a) t o teach
b) to happen, to pass, to pass by
c) to listen
d) to wait for, to expect

Translate to English: Mi cuaderno no tiene más papel.
a) My printer doesn't have any paper.
b) My backpack doesn't have paper.
c) My notebook has lots of paper.
d) My notebook doesn't have any paper.

What word is missing from the sentence? Tengo lápices y ________ para escribir.
a) plumas
b) borrador
c) mochila
d) calculadora

What word is missing from the sentence? Hay muchos libros en mi _________.
a) ratón
b) lápices
c) mochila
d) pluma

a) always
b) never
c) sometimes
d) rarely

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