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For diffusion to occur, which condition must be met?
a) A hypotonic external environment is required.
b) Dynamic equilibrium must exist.
c) A hypertonic external environment is required.
d) A concentration gradient must exist.

Which homeostatic process is characterized by the diffusion of water molecules?
a) active transport
b) osmosis
c) passive transport
d) dynamic equilibrium

Which term refers to a solution with more molecules outside the cell than inside the cell?
a) hypotonic
b) hypertonic
c) equitonic
d) isotonic

Which reason best explains why the cell membrane helps the cell maintain homeostasis?
a) The cell membrane is selectively permeable.
b) The cell membrane is composed of lipids and phosphates.
c) The cell membrane is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic.
d) The cell membrane is a bilayer structure.

Which homeostatic process moves particles against a concentration gradient?
a) dynamic equilibrium
b) passive transport
c) osmosis
d) active transport

Which motion of particles across a membrane requires energy?
a) from high concentration to low concentration
b) from low concentration to high concentration
c) with no concentration gradient
d) through dynamic equilibrium

How does the contractile vacuole in a single-celled organism function to maintain homeostasis?
a) It pumps water into the cell.
b) It pumps water out of the cell.
c) It pumps solutes into the cell.
d) It pumps solutes out of the cell.

Which solution would most likely cause a plant placed in it to become firmer and more rigid?
a) It pumps water into the cell.
b) It pumps solutes into the cell.
c) It pumps solutes out of the cell.
d) It pumps water out of the cell.

Which best describes dynamic equilibrium?
a) There is a difference in concentration on either side of the cell membrane.
b) There is an uneven distribution of particles inside and outside the cell.
c) Particles are moving into and out of the cell, but their concentrations remain stable.
d) A concentration gradient is forcing water out of the cell and particles into the cell.

Which movement of particles would be most affected by a disorder that causes damage to carrier proteins?
a) osmosis
b) isotonic
c) active transport
d) diffusion

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