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An airplane's artificial clouds
a) contrail
b) cumulonimbus
c) cirrus
d) cirrocumulus

Name means Heaps of Curls
a) cirrocumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) stratus
d) cumulus

Names means to extend or to stretch
a) stratus
b) lenticular
c) contrail
d) cirrus

white and billowy cloud that resembles a pile of cotton puffs
a) cumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) cirrocumulus
d) stratocumulus

The most common type of high-level cloud
a) cirrus
b) cirrocumulus
c) cumulus
d) stratus

Lens-shaped cloud
a) lenticular
b) cumulus
c) cirrus
d) stratus

Thunderstorm cloud
a) cumulonimbus
b) stratocumulus
c) cirrocumulus
d) nibostratus

Fog that forms when a warm, humid breeze blows over a cold surface is __________ fog
a) advection
b) advent
c) radiation
d) pea soup

Fog that forms when the ground cools at night while the air is still moist is called ________ fog
a) radiation
b) advection
c) photochemical smog
d) the

A thick brownish haze that results from complex molecules released into the air by vehicles is
a) photochemical smog
b) radiation fog
c) advection fog
d) the smog

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