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The first T in TWIST stands for Title. What should you write in this section of your TWIST?
a) The Title and author
b) A Prediction and an opinion
c) The title and a prediction
d) The title and an opinion

A comparison using like or as is called a(n)...
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) alliteration
d) allusion

A reference to a famous person or place is called a(n)....
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) alliteration
d) allusion

In which section of a TWIST do you write language that appeals to your senses?
a) T
b) W
c) I
d) S

This term means the design of a poem, or the way that it is set up
a) structure
b) style
c) figurative language
d) rhyme scheme

What do the five letters of TWIST stand for?
a) Theme, What Is It About, Imagery, Style and Structure, Title
b) Title, What Is It About, Imagery, Style, Theme
c) Title, What Is It About, Imagery, Style and Structure, Theme
d) Title, Word Choice, Imagery, Style, Theme

What two things should be talked about in the S of your TWIST?
a) figurative language
b) stanzas
c) figurative language and the setup of the poem
d) imagery in the poem and the setup of the poem

The repetition of beginning consonant sounds is called...
a) allusion
b) alliteration
c) repetition
d) hyperbole

'I am so hungry, I could eat a horse!' is an example of what type of figurative language?
a) Oxymoron
b) Onomatopoeia
c) Metaphor
d) Hyperbole

'The river flowed like a stream of glass' is an example of...
a) symbolism
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) extended metaphor

'The quarterback was a charging bull, powering through the defensive line' is an example of...
a) Metaphor
b) Simile
c) Hyperbole
d) Oxymoron

What is a common theme, or 'universal theme'?
a) A theme that is relatable to a few readers
b) A theme that has become cliche
c) A very specific theme sentence
d) A theme that can be found in many pieces of writing

Which of the following would NOT be considered a common theme?
a) Afraid
b) Fear
c) Happiness
d) Perseverance

What is the purpose of figurative language in a poem?
a) To sound fancy
b) To make the reader work to understand what they are reading
c) To make the piece of writing more expressive
d) To make the piece of writing more straightforward

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