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Affects how much gain is applied to the audio signal at the output channel strip and controls how loudly that instrument plays
a) Pan knob
b) Balance knob
c) Volume fader
d) Mute button

How do you change the icon of the track header?
a) Command-click the icon
b) Left-click the icon
c) Option-click the icon
d) Control-click the icon

You can edit the name of a track header
a) in the mixer only
b) in the tracks area only
c) in the mixer or the track area
d) in the Inspector

What tool determines where a region's loop ends?
a) Resize tool
b) Positon tool
c) Loop tool
d) Marquee tool

What is another way to zoom without using the Z key?
a) Command-Click
b) Control-Option-Drag
c) Option-Drag
d) Right Click

How do you copy a region in the music production software?
a) Command-Click
b) Option-Drag
c) Control-Option-Drag
d) Left Click

When copying a regions, what should you let go of first?
a) the mouse
b) Option
c) Control-Option
d) Command

The help tag shows positions in
a) bars, beats, divisions, and ticks
b) bars, beats, loops, and regions
c) loops, regions, divisions, and ticks
d) bars, loops, beats, and regions

What menu do you use to search for a specific genre in the loop browser?
a) Genre
b) Loop
c) Menu
d) Tempo

How do you select multiple track regions at once?
a) Double click them
b) Right click them
c) Click a blank area of the workspace and drag up
d) Click a blank area of the workspace and right click

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