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Your kidneys, the main organ of the excretory system, work with the ___________ system, to filter liquid waste from your blood.
a) digestive
b) immune
c) circulatory

Take a deep breath. Where does that air you breathe in go? It goes into your lungs, but that's not the end! Your circulatory system helps to move the oxygen to all of your cells. What carries the oxygen to every cell in your body?
a) blood
b) food
c) heart
d) veins

System that aids in protecting the body from injury and infections, keeps water inside the body, and helps regulate body temperature.
a) Musculoskeletal System
b) Integumentary System
c) Nervous System

System that extracts nutrients from food material.
a) Digestive System
b) Nervous System
c) Circulatory System
d) Musculoskeletal System

System that moves blood throughout the body.
a) Digestive System
b) Excretory System
c) Circulatory System
d) Respiratory System

Located at the base of the brain; controls vital involuntary processes. (breathing)
a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Brain Stem

Largest part of the brain; controls thoughts, voluntary actions, and sensations related to five senses.
a) cerebrum
b) cerebellum
c) brain stem

Bundle of nerves that begins at the brainstem; runs down the center of the vertebrae.
a) Spinal Cord
b) Perfipheral Nerves
c) Cerebrum

Nerves that branch out from the spinal cord and connect to the rest of the body.
a) Spinal Cord
b) Peripheral Nerves
c) Brain Stem

Involuntary muscle; controls movement inside the body (ex. digestion)
a) Cardiac Muscle
b) Skeletal Muscle
c) Smooth Muscle

Voluntary muscles; attached to bones, provides force needed to move bones.
a) Cardiac Muscle
b) Skeletal Muscle
c) Smooth Muscle

___________________ is a result of the excretory system balancing the amount of water and salts in your body and it is stored in your bladder until it is excreted.
a) Feces
b) Urine
c) Water

The ______________ and ____________ systems work together to support the body and enable it to move.
a) muscular and endocrine
b) lymphatic and skeletal
c) skeletal and muscular
d) circulatory and respiratory

We think of our muscular system as the system that helps us move around, It also functions on an internal level by helping food movement in the ____________ and ____________, both parts of the digestive system.
a) stomach; liver
b) stomach; pancreas
c) stomach; gall bladder
d) stomach; small intestines

The _________ system works with the nervous system to protect important organs such as the brain and spinal cord.
a) skeletal
b) muscular
c) excretory
d) cardiovascular

Receptors in the muscles provide the brain with information about body position and movement. In this case, the muscular system is working with the _______________.
a) nervous system
b) skeletal system
c) endocrine system
d) respiratory system

Most living things need oxygen to survive. These two body systems bring oxygen into your body and then move to all your body parts. What are these two body systems?
a) respiratory and muscular
b) digestive and circulatory
c) respiratory and digestive
d) circulatory and respiratory

Membrane-bound organelles are not found in the cells of
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) plants
d) protist

Why don't animal cells need chloroplasts?
a) Animals do not make their own food
b) Animal cells make their own chlorophyll
c) Animal cells collect sunlight another way

The Cell Theory states that
a) all cells have only one nucleus
b) all living things are made of cells
c) plants do not have cells
d) only animals have cells

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