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The height of a wave is also known by this.
a) Frequency
b) Period
c) Amplitude
d) Crest

The top of a transverse wave is called the...
a) Trough
b) Crest
c) Bottom
d) Tee Pee

This type of wave is a series of compressions and rarefactions.
a) Transverse
b) Water
c) Circular
d) Longitudinal

Waves transfer this.
a) Cotton Candy
b) Water
c) Energy
d) Pickles

This type of wave has the energy moving perpendicular to the medium.
a) Transverse
b) Longitudinal
c) Compressional
d) Tamborine

A longitudinal wave can also be called a......
a) Transverse wave
b) Compression wave
c) Water
d) Hand

The distance from crest to crest is known as the wave's...
a) Amplitude
b) Wavelength
c) Trough
d) Rarefaction

Which of the following does sound travel the fastest through?
a) Air
b) Water
c) Steel
d) Mountain Dew

The number of waves that pass a point in one second is what we call the wave's...
a) Frequency
b) Amplitude
c) Color
d) Timbre

Who will win the big football game this weekend?
a) Michigan
b) Ohio State

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