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Civil War And Reconstruction.

_______________________helped supply the Confederate army with beef during the war.
a) Abraham Licoln
b) Mary McLeod Bethune
c) Jacob Summerlin
d) James Weldon Johnson

The Union had no power over the Confederate states which is why most enslaved people were not set free after the ________________
a) Civil Rights act of 1964
b) emancipation proclamation
c) New Constitution
d) None of the above

Union soldiers docked at the St. Marks River new Tallahassee where they fought Confederate soldiers, but later ___________________________.
a) They captured so many Confederate soldiers that the South surrendered.
b) They gained control of Tallahassee.
c) They were captured and forced to surrender.
d) They fought Confederate soldiers but later retreated to their ships.

The South believed they could win the war quickly because they had ________________.
a) support of the enslaved people of the north
b) They knew that the North depended on goods that could only be grown in the South.
c) They had strong military leaders who worked hard to arm and supply their troops.
d) They knew that when fighting started Great Britain would help them fight the North.

A loose union of groups of states is called a _______________________.
a) tariff
b) abolition
c) blockade
d) confederacy

The Union North had more industry to supply their troops and railroads to carry supplies which led them to believe that _______________________.
a) they would quickly win the war
b) they would have more industry to supply their troops
c) they would rejoin the confederacy
d) they knew Florida would refuse to rejoin the confederacy

A ____________________ is a line of ships that keeps goods from entering or leaving a place.
a) tariff
b) confederacy
c) blockade
d) abolition

___________________ is the ending of slavery.
a) tariff
b) confederacy
c) abolition
d) blockade

Taxes paid on goods that come from another country are called _______________.
a) tariff
b) confederacy
c) abolition
d) blockade

Because the Confederate Army and economy were worn out they were forced to ________________ on April 9, 1865.
a) surrender
b) fight
c) move
d) none of the above

On of the major reasons Florida left the United States was because of _______________.
a) high taxes
b) trouble with South Carolina
c) slavery
d) loyalty to northern states

Florida was allowed to rejoin the United States after it _______________________________________________________.
a) moved north
b) surrendered
c) rewrote the constitution
d) none of the above

The Freedman’s Bureau built _______________________ for African Americans in the South.
a) schools
b) boats
c) plantations
d) cars

Sharecropping affected landowners in the South by letting them _________________________________________________________.
a) have a share in crops grown by unpaid workers on their land.
b) borrow money to pay for tools and workers.
c) earn their freedom from slavery.
d) a chance to learn how to grow new crops.

__________________________ was the time period after the war when Florida and the rest of the South had to rebuild their cities and economy.
a) Rebuilding Period
b) Reconstruction
c) Golden Age
d) Revolution

Mary McLeod Bethune and James Weldon Johnson both worked for ____________________________________ in Florida.
a) high school principals
b) plantation owners
c) civil rights
d) government officials

A group of Florida Crackers who protected cattle from the Union were called the _________________ _______________.
a) cow calvary
b) cowboys
c) soldiers
d) none of the above

______________ _______________ helped African Americans buy land and find new work after the civil war.
a) civil war
b) confederate army
c) union army
d) Freedmen's Bureau

After the Civil War many landowners in Florida faced problems such as ____________________________________________.
a) cleaning up after the war
b) having to pay workers
c) replant their crops
d) rebuild their homes

There was very little property damage in Florida because very few ________________ were fought there.
a) people
b) battles
c) wars
d) all of the above

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